Sharon Pywell
New York Times, May 20th, Paperback Row: Six Paperbacks to Check Out This Week
The plot of a purloined novel, “The Pirate Lover,” runs parallel to the lives of Neave and Lilly, two sisters in working-class Massachusetts. An unusual narrative device — Lilly’s sections are told from beyond the grave — helps keep the story interesting, and Pywell clearly has fun riffing on the romance genre’s tropes and overstuffed language.
— Joumana Khatib

The Romance Reader's Guide to Life

From Macmillan Publishers' Flatiron Books comes a new novel from critically acclaimed author Sharon Pywell. A haunting, darkly funny and compelling tale of sisterhood that deftly weaves together shades of The Lovely Bones with a pirate romance, The Romance Reader's Guide to Life proves that sometimes the guiltiest of pleasures contain some essential kernels of truth about life. And you should always be kind to dogs.

Hailed as "Smart, funny, and compulsively readable" (Kirkus Reviews) and "Deliciously entertaining" (Chevy Stevens, New York Times best-selling author), The Romance Reader's Guide to Life is available in paperback on April 4, 2018. Order below!

New York Times, May 20th: "Six Paperbacks to Check Out This Week"

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